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What is my screen resolution?

Width of screen is

Height of screen is

Total pixels on your screen is

This tool checks the size of your screen. Check browser resolution instead, or get a full version info for your device.

How to Use Screen Resolution Tester?

  • Width and Height of the screen on your device will be automatically displayed above by our tool.
  • Total pixel available to be displayed by your screen is also displayed.
  • The screen resolution will update dynamically as you move your browser to different screens (monitor, TV, projector).
  • On a high DPI device or mobile device, your browser may lower the resolution to display a readable text.
  • You can adjust "Display Scaling" on your device to Zoom or reset the viewable area of the screen.
  • We do not store the data shown and everything is done inside your browser.

About Screen Resolution Tester

Check screen resolution online to know width and height (in pixels) of the screen on your device.