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Memorable Password Generator

Generate memorable passwords with words that are strong yet easy to remember.

How Does Memorable Password Generator Work?

Memorable Password Generator will generate an easy to remember yet strong password using phrases. You will also get a phrase (set of words) to remember the password easily. You can use the memorable password when signing up on online services and use the hint phrase to remember it. We recommend a password manager or writing down your password in a secure location in case you forget the password.

The password generator automatically genarates a unique and random password for you. You can generate as many passwords as you want and be assured that they are generated randomly and are totally unique for you. You can also change the type of the password generated as per your convenience.

Types of Memorable Passwords Generated

Our memorable password generator can generate four types of passwords as explained below:

Examples of passwords given below are only for demonstration and must not be used.

1. Words Password


2. Phrase Password


3. Words Password with special characters


4. Phrase Password with special characters


If you want more random and secure passwords with alphanumeric characters then we recommend using our secure password generator.

Is it safe to use english words in passwords?

Yes, as long as you use multiple english words and make an easy to remember phrase consisting of at least 12 or 15 characaters. For added security, it is better to add numbers or replace certain characaters with special characaters. For example. 'i' to '!'. Our password generator does this automatically for you and help you keep the password memorable yet strong.

What characters are replaced with special characters in a word or phrase password?

Our tool uses the following replacements that you can easily remember:

a -> @
e -> 3
i -> !
o -> 0
s -> $

You must never share the password hint phrase with anyone or people will be able to guess the actual password.

Is it safe to generate passwords online?

It is safe to generate passwords using our online password generator as none of the passwords generated on our site is stored or shared with any other user. You must never generate password on a site that asks you for the user id or for the website where you will be using the password.

Can I re-use a memorable password on multiple sites?

Absolutely not. A password should not be shared between sites. You must have unique passwords on every site. Otherwise if one site gets hacked and leaks your password, all your accounts on other websites will also get compromised.

How to Use Memorable Password Generator?

  • A strong and memorable password will automatically get generated on the page load.
  • You can copy the memorable password using the 'Copy Password' button.
  • Default option is to generate an easy to remember password with 3 different English words ending with a number.
  • You can change the password type to phrases passwords or include special characters while keeping the password easy to learn.
  • Password hint phrase is also displayed which helps you remember the password.
  • You can also specify the word length for generating password.
  • Length of password can be between 3 to 15 words.
  • You may want to use a password manager to remember the generated password as you will not be able to retrieve it back from this site.
  • We do not store any of the generated passwords and everything is done inside your browser.


  • vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
  • passhelp - A no-nonsense password generation tool and library
  • clipboard.js - A modern JavaScript library to copy text to clipboard