Dummy Text Generator

Generate Dummy text Lorem Ipsum and alternatives in HTML, markdown and plain text

How Does Dummy Text Generator Work?

Dummy Text Generator can generate random text using Lorem Ipsum or blocks. Dummy text consisting of lorem ipsum is useful when as a placeholder text in UI design, web design mockups, web page layouting etc.

You can easily add dummy text generated as content in your design mockups and later change it with more suitable text suited for the product. This allows you to quickly prototype with randon placeholder text, instead of coming up with a perfect copy to include in your design.

You can also choose blocks text generator, which generates a string of blocks that doesn't include text but fills up the space used for text. This can be useful when you are designing for languages other than English, or don't want to include the default lorem ipsum text in your design.

Choose the HTML or markdown option to get your dummy text generated in different formats. We also include proper HTML tags, title and list elements in HTML dummy text when you choose the Content for Article option. This is useful for filling up dummy article or content on pages when you are designing a website with blog or multiple content pages.

Our dummy text generator also allows you to configure the number of random words you want to generate, including the number of paragraphs in which to split the generated text.

How to Use Dummy Text Generator?

  • With this tool, you can generate dummy text in plain text, markdown and html formats.
  • Select the Generator such as 'Lorem Ipsum' or 'Blocks' from the dropdown.
  • Specify the number of words and the number of paragraphs you want to be generated.
  • The tool will generate content close to the number of words specified by you.
  • You can turn on the article mode which will add article like heading, lists etc. in the dummy content.
  • Once you are satisfied with the dummy content, you can switch tab between plain text, markdown and html to copy the content.
  • 'Blocks' generated dummy content is useful in language neautral UI mockups.
  • We do not store any of the content you create and everything is done inside your browser.


  • getlorem - A universal module for generating Lorem Ipsum placeholder text
  • vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
  • marked - A fast markdown parser and compiler
  • highlight.js - Syntax highlighting for the Web
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