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Word Counter

Online Word Counter for counting words, characters, sentences and paragraphs in a text.

How Does Word Counter Work?

Online Word counter allows you to count the number of words, characters and sentences in your written text. This tool will display count of words, characters, white-spaces, sentences and paragraphs automatically in your text.

We will also help you in understanding the reading time for your text based on a reading speed of 275 words per minute. Additionally, we display a readability index which denotes the difficulty in reading your content. All these are helpful when you are writing a blog article, news piece or an essay.

Top used keywords in your content is also highlighted along with their count. This will come in handy when you are optimizing your content for a search engine or want to avoid over use of certain words in your text.

Online word counter can count text in real time inside your browser without the need of a software such as Microsoft Word. Counting words and characters is specially handy when you want to meet a certain minimum requirement of word length in your text.

How to Use Word Counter?

  • Enter your text content in the area above.
  • Count of words, characters, whitespaces, sentences and paragraphs will be automatically displayed.
  • Reading time is displayed based on a reading speed of 275 words per minute.
  • Readability is calculated using Automated readability index.
  • Top 6 most used keywords in the content will also be shown. This does not include Stop words.
  • We do not store any of your content as everything is done client side.


  • vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
  • node-stopwords - List of stopwords in English and other languages.