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Title Case Converter

Convert text to title case for blog posts, book titles, news headlines, essay titles etc.

How Does Title Case Converter Work?

Title case is used when writing titles for blog posts, book titles, news headlines, essay titles, movie names, songs, plays etc. In title case, all words except articles, conjunctions and short prepositions, are capitalized (first characater is changed to uppercase). Title case is also know as headline style due to the fact that these are used in news headlines.

For our title case conversion, exact rules of conversion are listed below the. These rules are based on style guides from APA, Chicago, and modern conventions. Some rules that rely on grammatical understanding of the word may not be processed correctly.

Title Case Capitalization Rules

  • Capitalize all words by default.
  • Capitalize the first and last word in titles.
  • Capitalize both parts of hyphenated words.
  • Lowercase articles: a, an, the
  • Lowercase conjunctions: and, but, or, nor
  • Lowercase versus: vs., vs, v., v
  • Lowercase NYT words: en, if
  • Lowercase short prepositions: as, at, by, for, in, of, on, per, to, via
  • Intentional capitalization are not changed to lowercase.

In addition to converting text to title case, our converter also displays useful stats and suggestions about your title and helps you keeping your titles short and crisp. We also display a readability index which denotes the difficulty in reading the title. These information should allow you to keep your title crisp and clear for better understanding of readers.

How to Use Title Case Converter?

  • Enter your title in the content area above.
  • Your title will be capitalized as per title case capitalization rules listed above.
  • Additionally, count of words, characters, whitespaces and sentences will be automatically displayed.
  • Readability of your title is calculated using Automated readability index.
  • We will also display suggestions (if any) about the length of your title.
  • Note that, if your title has intentional uppercase characters, then it will not be changed.
  • We do not store any of your content as everything is done client side.


  • vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
  • to-title-case.js - JavaScript library for Title Case conversion
  • clipboard.js - A modern JavaScript library to copy text to clipboard