What is my browser?

Get a full version info for your device.

Browser Detector

Check what browser you are using. This online tool answers "What is my browser?"

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How to use?

How Does Browser Detector Work?

Browser Resoulution Tester will check and display your browser name, browser version and the browser build number. It will also tell you about the platform or Operating system you are using.

You can also gt a full version info for your device.

What is a Browser?

A browser is an application that allows you to visit websites and access/interact with the information presented on the web pages. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer are some of the popular browsers available and depending on your device, you may have a pre-installed version of these browsers. If you wish to change your browser or upgrade your browser to their latest version then you can do so by going to their respective websites.

How to Use Browser Detector?

  • Browser detector will detect the browser you are using on your device and display its name as well as browser version.
  • You will also know about the build version of the browser and the platform you are using.
  • Your browser information will be automatically fetched and displayed.
  • We do not store the data shown and everything is done inside your browser.