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Image to Base64 Encoder

Convert image (jpg, png, svg) to base64 string online for use in HTML img tag and in CSS files as data URI.

How to Use Image to Base64 Encoder?

  • Drag and drop image from your local system to the canvas above for converting to Base64.
  • Resulting Base64 string will appear once the image is loaded.
  • Base64 encoding is done as data:image/png for png images.
  • For all other image types such as .jpg, .ico, .svg, .gif, .bpm etc. encoding is done as data:image/jpeg.
  • It is recommended to convert only small size images to Base64 string.
  • Note that Internet Explorer 8 has a limit of 32 KB for data URI. Earlier versions have no support for it.
  • If you need to crop the image before converting then use the Image Cropper.
  • We do not store any of your images as everything is done client side.